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With the help of our investors, we’ve been able to make Pure Life a dependable and supportive service for those seeking adequate care and support when they are in need.


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Teletherapy and virtual mental health platforms, enabling access to trauma-informed care from anywhere in the country.

Innovative &

It’s time to support survivors of trauma with wrap around care and support.

Supply Chain

By maintaining control over the supply chain, we are able to effectively manage the needs of our complex clientele, guiding them towards successful outcomes.

Catering to

There needs to be an integrated and guided journey beyond just the medicine. Providing a continuity of client care from the clinic to the community.

We’re Already Closing In On 2023 Goals
Bringing People Together
We are dedicated to the ongoing growth of our comprehensive healthcare ecosystem, which includes a pharmacy, clinic, medical supplies, and healthcare management services. Our primary aim is to provide essential support for veterans and first responders on their PTSD journey. By continually enhancing our offerings, we address our clients’ unique needs and deliver exceptional care, reinforcing our market position and commitment to making a lasting, positive impact on the lives of those who have served our communities.
Increasing Reach

The consolidation of our businesses under a single healthcare management system has driven growth. We now anticipate more than doubling the initial projections to provide streamlined services for 5,000 clients, before the end of 2023, who were previously served through individual products. This unified approach has improved client satisfaction, operational efficiency, and marketing effectiveness, enabling us to offer a comprehensive range of tailored services. As we expand our integrated healthcare ecosystem, we expect sustained revenue growth and a strengthened position in the competitive healthcare market.

Engaged Network

Our expansive network is designed to accommodate the thousands of clients transitioning into our unified healthcare management system. To meet the increasing demand, we remain committed to pursuing strategic joint ventures and partnerships, enabling us to expand our capacity and bolster our service offerings. This approach not only strengthens our competitive edge but also ensures our ability to cater to our client’s evolving needs while driving growth and maximizing value for our stakeholders.

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With your help, together we can improve the lives of veterans across the nation by improving our services and increasing support systems. Invest with us today!